The medical literature offers a variety in recommended freezing times for particular skin lesion treatments. Not only depend they on the kind of cryogen used but also on the thickness, size, location and hydration of the target tissue as these parameters all can affect the duration and outcome. Licensed medical professionals should be familiar with cryosurgical techniques when using a CryoIQ® device.

The table below contains suggested freezing times as recommended in some of the published literature. These represent a wide range and only provide a guideline.

Suggested freezing times

Indications Time (sec)
Acne 4-6
Age pigment 1-2
Basiloma 8-9
Capillar cavernouse angioma 4-5
Cavernous angioma 4-6
Condyloma 8-12
Erythematodes chronicus 3-5
Granuloma anulare 5-6
Hemangiolymphangioma 6-8
Juvenile warts 3-4
Keloids 4-6
Keratosis actinica 5-7
Labium carcinoma 2-5
Lentigo senile 2-3
Lichen ruber papelu 4-6
Lid basaliom 6-10
Lid tumors 6-8
Lentigo maligna 4-5
Mollusca contagiosium 3-5
Naevus pigmentosus 8
Naevus zellnaevus 8
Naevus flammeus 6
Naevo fibroid 8-10
Plantar warts 15-20
Prurigo nodularis 4-6
Sarcomas 8-10
Seborrheic warts 6-8
Senile keratoma 7-8
Soft fibroma 4-5
Solar keratosis 4-5
Spinaliome 8-10
SSM 3-4
Verruca vulgaris 8-10