This device is very suitable for a busy practice with high volume treatments of skin disorders. It has 3 interchangeable liquid spray freezing applicators and uses only 40g nitrous oxide cartridges.

Release date: 2019 Q4

Name: CryoIQ® EquiMED Liquid
Name: CryoIQ® EquiMED Contact
Order.no: CIQ-EM-L60 (liquid version)
Order.no: CIQ-EM-C (contact version)
Delivered in: Plastic case
Included in delivery: 1 gas cartridge (40 gram) with valve
Freezing temperature: -89 °C / -128 °F
Contact surface for CIQ-EM-C: Diameter: 1, 3, 5, 7 mm
Material: Aluminium
Patented: Yes
CE marked:
Warranty: 1 years (2 years after Product registration)
Gas cartridge: 40 gram
Nitrous Oxide Gas (N2O)
Medical sterile
Built-in filter (5 µm)
Image Article ID Description
CIQ-EA-D1 Metal tip for liquid spray freezing, 1-6 mm
CIQ-EA-D2 Metal tip for liquid spray freezing, 7-18 mm
CIQ-EA-D3 Metal tip for liquid spray freezing, 9-22 mm