Cutaneous cryosurgery in an OBGYN/Urology practice refers to the localized application of freezing temperatures to achieve a controlled destruction or removal of skin lesions, mainly Condylomata acuminate (genital warts)

In the past years the innovation in the application techniques and the level of sophistication of the cryosurgical devices has made cryotherapy widely used in destruction of skin lesions because of its safety, effectiveness, low cost, ease of use, no pain, good aesthetic outcome and no aesthesia needed.

The annoyance of dealing with uncontrolled delivery of hazardous liquid nitrogen, unprecise cotton buds, spills of the nitrogen out of canisters as well as their difficult to place cones in non-common places, has been overcome with the intelligent cryotherapy solution, the CryoIQ®.

The CryoIQ® is portable, compact, handheld cryosurgical device which delivers the fine spray with pinpoint accuracy to the lesion at a constant freezing temperature of -89° C/-128°F with a 725psi/ 50 bar freezing power. A skin lesion treatment with the state of the art CryoIQ® is fast, safe, effective, low-cost, and no anesthetics are needed. The instrument either uses a fixed applicator for the most common treatment options or offers the choice of a wide range of applicators to be used for a more extensive variety in treatment options.

The CryoIQ® uses disposable nitrous oxide cartridges which allows the practitioner to have the device readily available for use at all time, hassle-free, no pre-treatment preparation time needed as required with the use of canisters, liquid nitrogen and other modalities.

The CryoIQ® innovation in cryotherapy makes it possible to treat a broad range of benign and premalignant skin conditions by a simple spray application onto the lesion instead of touching a genital wart with the applicator.

The advantages of incorporating the intelligent cryotherapy solution of CryoIQ® in your practice:

  • Low cost per treatment, low investment for the device
  • No pain involved due the combination of accuracy, freezing temperature and freezing power.
  • Fast, effective treatment in a busy practice environment
  • Portable, compact to bring to multiple treatment settings
  • No preparation time needed
  • Anesthesia optional, not required
  • Excellent cosmetic results
  • Safe procedure
  • Low risk of infection
  • No bleeding
  • No work or sport restrictions