Cryosurgery, also known as cryotherapy, is the localized freezing of skin tissue for a controlled destruction and removal of unwanted cutaneous skin lesions. The recent significant developments in cryosurgical devices and their techniques, such as the new CryoIQ®, have made cryotherapy extremely practical in the aesthetic application and a standard in cosmetic dermatology.

With the increase of an aging population and the desire to have a flawless skin, modern aesthetic cryotherapy will treat those skin imperfections accurate, efficient, hassle-free and fast. The intelligent CryoIQ® device is safe, effective and portable and will treat skin lesions to a millimeter precision combined with significant benefits for the client and the practitioner. A treatment with the CryoIQ® will be affordable, fast, and with no discomfort or destruction of adjacent healthy tissue.

The CryoIQ® uses nitrous oxide from disposable canisters, to be sprayed on the lesion through a small tip with extreme accuracy.

Aesthetic cryotherapy is used for treatment of sun spots, age spots, skin tags, verrucae, seborrheic keratosis and more.